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Beginner’s Guide to Google Search Console in Canada for 2019

Search console is one of the most sophisticated tool offered by the Google search engine. Nowadays for your website to get traffic you need a search engine like Google to help your website to rank by relevant keywords that are related to your brand. The Google search console allows users to monitor their website errors, keywords generated and more.

Google Search Console

Benefits of using a Google Search Console

  • Monitor errors.
  • Geo targeting.
  • Request your website crawls after making changes on your website.
  • Improve your organic traffic
  • Check your websites performance
  • Check your websites coverage
  • Submit your sitemaps for Google to understand your websites structure
  • Check your website Mobile usability
  • View websites that have linked to your website and your website link structure and Anchor text.

Steps on how to submit your website on Google web master tools or Search Console.

Search console dashboard
  1. Add your website on website on the search console.
  2. You will receive different verification methods that you prefer.
  3. Verify the website on webmaster tools (Personally I prefer adding html tag in the header is straightforward and easy for beginners )
  4. Setup your Geo targeting or country that you would like to target e.g. (Canada).
  5. Submit your xml sitemap on the console to make life easy for Google to know your website structure.
  6. The search console can help you setup your robots.txt file in case you need to disallow certain elements your websites from indexing an example could be your websites back office.


When you’re looking to grow your website, you have to abide by Google rules and follow their procedures.

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