How to Build a Business website in 5 Days

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How to Build a Business website in 5 Days

Day One website design

Register a domain for your website. When registering a domain, you have to select a domain that works in advantage for your business. The domain must include the following:

  • The Domain Must include the Name of your Business
  • The domain Name must be short as possible.
  • The domain Name must have Product that your selling.
  • The Domain must have the extension of the country that your Targeting (.ca for Canada).

Day Two website design

  • Choosing a cms or framework that suites your website depending. (Example WordPress this cms is usually used by bloggers).
  • Drafting your look and feel for the website.
  • Drafting the functionality of the website and looking elements like contact form and more.

Day Three website design

Write content for your website starting with the main pages of the website.

Day four website design

Get a web hosting provider a web hosting provider based on where you want host your website.

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Start uploading your website content on your website (That will Include images, videos and articles). Start working on the website design this will take you approximately 5 Hours with WordPress and it’s also depends on web development skills on how fast you can develop the website.

Day Five website design

Start doing your QA.

Submit the website on to Google using web Master so that your website is submitted on Google.

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