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How to Start a Blog

Canadian web hosts offer the best advices around web hosting, web design and SEO Tips. Today we will be looking into on how to start your own Blog whether is about food, Technology or any other blog and How to monetize the Blog.

We are going to follow the following Steps

Looking for Name: You need to find the best name that suits your blog. Make it very short because it’s easy to Market.

Check for Domains Availability: Using the name that you have selected check the domain availability if the domain is Available then you register the domain for year or 2 years depending on your preference.

Write Content: Write content for your website, the content must be SEO Focused you must incorporate keywords that you want the search to approve relevant.

Get a website Hosts: choose from our list we offer the best hosts in CA.

Create a website/Blog: using a CMS like WordPress I personally recommend WordPress because is very user-friendly to beginners.

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