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Video Hosting in Canada

Hosting differs for example uploading a video on your website can slow down your server because videos sizes are too big to upload on a website or rather a well minimum performing server. The is video hosting companies that are well known YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia and many more.

Benefits of using Hosting Videos Separately.

  • Embedding the Videos on your website without uploading them on your server.
  • Your server speed won’t be compromised.
  • Videos will help to keep visitors on your website.

Disadvantages of video Hosting.

Most platforms that offer video Hosting, the usually use an I frame that will have a Negative impact on your Seo.

Technical Advice on Video Hosting

My Advice would be upload your videos on a separate server as your website and call the videos from that server you will eliminate so many issues.

Free Video Hosting

On the following platforms, you can host your video for free without any issues.