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Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting companies store or host your website pages on their services in exchange for a fee.  These servers make your website pages available to be seen on the internet.  A person simple types in the address or URL for you website into their browser, the page is then retrieved from the web hosting company’s servers and delivered to them.

Web Hosting Companies in Canada

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Domains and Web Hosting

Most web hosting companies actually require that you own your domain name to host your website.  If you do not own your domain name, then the web hosting company can help you purchase one.  Many web hosting companies will provide you with the option of a bundle – where you can purchase a domain name, the hosting service, an email address and a certain amount of space on their service for one fee.

Does a Web Hosting Company Create and Maintain My Website?

No, not normally although some web hosting companies have such services available for an additional cost.  You normally must provide the web hosting company with the html pages for your site and maintain them yourself or use a separate service to maintain them for you.

How Do I Find A Web Hosting Company?

Here at Canadian Web Hosts, we have gathered the information from the best web hosting companies in Canada.  You will be able to see all the fees involved, the bundles offered and the services they provide and make comparisons to choose which of the web hosting companies is right for your needs.

What are the Costs?

Costs vary based on a number of factors:

  • How much space will you need on their servers?
  • How much traffic will your webpage generate?
  • How long are planning to have your webpage hosted? (There are usually discounts for paying a year at a time versus month to month)
  • Will you purchase your domain as part of the service?
  • Will you also require email addresses?

You should be sure that all of the services you will need are included in the package offered by the web hosting companies, to avoid any risk of hidden or additional fees.  You should also ask what will happen if you exceed the space used on their servers, or their bandwidth, so that you can determine whether and when you want to upgrade your services.