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Netfirms may be a internet hosting company dedicated to little businesses.It offers a compact vary of choices for shared hosting with unlimited space and information measure and presently hosts one.2 millionNetfirms websites.Evidence suggests once offered a lot of advanced plans, however these area unit tough to find on the web site while not additional facilitate from a Google search.

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The company was supported in 1998 and Thomas Savundra weekday as business executive till the corporate was bought out by Endurance International cluster in 2011.As such, it’s now part of one of the largest hosting corporations in the world, and the majority of its operations are US-based.

Netfirms Hosting Plan

As mentioned within the introduction, it appears Netfirms once offered VPS hosting, free hosting and possibly more, but as these services don’t appear to be obviously available, we’ll concentrate on the four main plans that area unit all UNIX system shared hosting services.

Netfirms splits its plans into three: Advantage, and and Business.

On the web site, the and arrange is conferred in between the opposite 2, but it’s actually the least capable (and cheapest), so be aware of this when you’re comparing

side by side. The features on each plan scale up depending on the option you choose. All offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

The lowest value and arrange offers one free name, the medium arrange offers 2 and also the highest value arrange offers 5 free domains.

This high level arrange conjointly provides the client with their own SSL certificate.

Apart from that, the plans are pretty similar. MySQL databases are very restricted on the cheapest plan, as are FTP accounts, although there would arguably be enough to go around for an average small business site.

  • Netfirms Uptime/Downtime
  • Netfirms owns and operates its own information centre, in keeping with the web site.
  • TheiTier one facility includes forty,000 servers, and they utilise clustering for protect against downtime.
  • No further details are provided about the technical team or infrastructure.
  • In addition, Netfirms’ support centre unhelpfully states that “all plans embrace uptime”.

There aren’t any figures to counsel a promise on the quantity of period of time you’ll get, nor is there any information in their Terms of Service, so we’ll have to

assume there is no uptime guarantee.

Netfirms Support

Netfirms offers round-the-clock support to all customers.

However, customers on the highest tier arrange area unit given priority.

The company incorporates a handout section that hasn’t been updated for nearly 2 years.

Visibility via the Facebook page is patchy; positive comments tend to receive replies, but critical comments don’t appear to receive the same attention.

The Twitter feed is frequently updated in response to client queries.

It’s not clear wherever the support department relies, though they supply a America fee range.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the team is US-based, though.

Netfirms in the News

Having eroded the online, I didn’t notice something negative within the press regarding Netfirms.

We can thus assume it’s comparatively free from tilt.

Netfirms Control Panel

On the Netfirms support portal, there’s many relevancy Plesk.

However, I found no proof that Plesk remains used, as all signs purpose to vDesk.

They actually don’t create any boasts regarding the panel they use, and no references to Plesk seem on their current plans.

As the support info seems to reference an impact panel that now not exists, it was difficult to find information about vDesk on the site.

We can solely assume that vDesk isn’t a similar as vDeck, though the positioning mixes each terms thus it’s tough to create a decision.

Netfirms Extras

The most basic Netfirms shared hosting arrange, Plus, comes with two free domain names.The lowest worth arrange, Advantage, offers one, and you’ll claim up to 5 free domains on the Business arrange.


All new clients receive $100 Google Adwords credit, $50 Facebook Ads credit, $25 for Yahoo!/Bing advertising plus a free listing on users will use Ready-to-go-Websites, a drag-and-drop web site builder, and a one-click app installer.Common applications like WordPress and exposure galleries also can be got wind of with a click.

Netfirms Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

A 30-day guarantee is secure on the Netfirms web site, though it’s tough to seek out the terms and conditions initially look.Again, I had to Google to seek out a page on the positioning that explained it.Customers will claim a refund if they cancel at intervals thirty days, despite the length of arrange they provide.There’s no info regarding however refunds ought to be submitted or whether or not admin and name fees area unit subtracted.

Netfirms Summary

From the analysis I did regarding Netfirms, it seems like the company has been slimmed down considerably over the last two years.

This may justify why content within the facilitate center is outdated or inaccurate.

Additionally, the pricing pages on the Netfirms website is quite misleading.

The Plus plan is the cheapest and least capable but is laid out in the center of the comparison tables; due to the name and positioning, I assumed it was an upgrade on Advantage, but it’s not.

The general lack of data and conflicting facilitate material didn’t fill American state with abundant confidence, and I feel there are better website hosts in this sector.

Having aforementioned that, their social media pages area unit active, their web site is skilled and also the company is clearly still attracting custom.

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