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Top Canadian Web hosting Companies

best web hosting canadaAt web hosting canada, we have realized that web hosting is very vital to the online community. We have been reviewing different Canadian hosting companies for 12 Years. Our hosting website is updated on a weekly basis to ensure that the current recommended hosting discounts and coupons are still valid.
Canada hosting website was created to service businesses trying to figure out which services and providers to choose for their web hosts. We’ve picked the best hosting providers for you in Canada. All CA web based solutions are hosted with our partners for a cheap price. Also, our web hosts partners offer the best Internet hosting packages with mobile applications that enable customers to run their websites smoothly.

Top Canadian Hosting Companies in Canada


Green Geeks
Free Domain Name
Free Email Marketing
30-day Money-Back Guarantee

No Hidden Fees & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Green Geeks
Host Gator

Free Domain Name
Free Email Marketing
30-day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money Back

WHCA Hosting

Web hosting  canada
Free Domain Name
Free Email Marketing
30-day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money Back
CanSpace Hosting

CanSpace  Hosting
Free Domain Name
Free Email Marketing
30-day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money Back
A2-Web Hosting
Dynamic Web Hosting

Dynamic Web Hosting
Free Domain Name
Free Email Marketing
30-day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money Back
Dynamic Web Hosting
SK Gold Web Hosting

SK Gold Web Hosting
Free Domain Name
Free Email Marketing
30-day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money Back
SK Gold Web Hosting
Fatcow Web Hosting

Fat Cow Web Hosting
Free Domain Name
Free Email Marketing
30-day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money Back
Fat Cow Web Hosting
Wpengine Hosting

Wpengine Web Hosting
Free Domain Name
Free Email Marketing
30-day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money Back
Wpengine Hosting
Hostpapa Hosting

Hostpapa Web Hosting
Free Domain Name
Free Email Marketing
30-day Money-Back Guarantee

30-day Money Back
Hostpapa Hosting

About Canadian Web Hosts

This company was found by business expects who have been struggling to find a suitable host for their companies. Our team had a few meetings with them. They wanted to find out more about their experiences with the online world specifically with hosting and domain registration. The team found that almost every website owner and businessman struggle to get the perfect packages for their businesses. We advised them and they were very happy with our services, that’s how Canadian Web Hosts came about.

Canadian hosting is one of the biggest guides in Canada with the latest hosting promotions. Our reviewers are always looking for the best hosting companies to place on our website for you. This website only offers the best services to our clients. The aim is to provide coupons and promotions to the Canadian market. Get hosting companies like Green Geeks, Bluehost, Fatcow, Blue Bird Hosting and many more. They offer cutting edge technology with green Technology.

You will also get hosting solutions such as VPS and Reseller. Other than that, you will get hosting for all your favorite CMS such as Joomla, WordPress and Magento. Our hosting providers’ servers offer cPanel, and free domains. You can get unlimited hosting services in Canada for a cheaper price and free domain registration with 99% of uptime.

web hosts canada

Team of unbiased researchers

Canadian Web Hosts consists of a well-informed team, one that researches unbiased hosting information and write hosting reviews for multiple CA web hosts. Our experienced team has assessed each web hosting company by reliability, price, bandwidth, customer support, disk space and other features.

We have eliminated the flops and raised the web hosts that deserve credit for professionalism, ease of use, and value. If you want to launch a personal or business website, you want a web hosts company you can rely on.

Get a good value for your money, considerate, reachable customer service and the speed, as well as space you want. Any web host should treat you with respect and offer you a room to grow. Most of all, Canadian Web Hosts is here to help you make the best choice for your internet hosting solutions.

Advantages of Choosing Canadian Web Hosts

  • You will get cheap prices on Canadian Web Hosts providers
  • Get the latest coupons and promotions
  • You will receive the latest web-hosting packages in Canada
  • Get the best web Hosts in Canada
  • Receive cheap reseller packages
  • You will receive 24/7 Support from our partners
  • Our partners also offer WordPress Hosting
  • Dedicated and shared hosting services are also available for you
  • Our CA partners also offer web solutions that are friendly to ecommerce solution
  • Our web hosting partners also offer Business Hosting and Support Business

What Is Hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that enables individuals and companies to have their websites available on the internet. It is also known as Internet hosting service. Online businesses with the technologies and services that allow these websites and pages to be displayed and viewed on the internet are called “website hosting provider, web host or internet host.”

best canadian web hosts

Hence nowadays internet hosts also include Mobile Apps. This is where Canadian Web Hosting comes in, we are here to advise you about web hosting, domain registration and different types of web servers. Server is a special computer that stores website information. Internet users can view websites by typing in a domain name or website address into their web browser.

Types of Web Hosting Services

There are different types of web hosting services for your website. In Canada, you will be able to choose from a variety of available options for your website. However, before signing up, you need to read and understand each type of hosting service, work out your budget and the type of server your site needs.

Smaller Hosting Services

Smaller hosting services refers to a simple web page and small-scale file hosting. Files can be uploaded on the site via a Web interface or an FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Free web subscribers are usually offered this type of hosting services by Internet service providers.

  • Free hosting service – most companies offer free web hosting services to their clients. These limited service companies make money from displaying advertisements on your website.
  • Single page hosting service – this is mostly used for personal web pages such as blogs. This type of hosting is free and advertisement-sponsored. However, business web pages are not free.

Larger Hosting Services

Many big hosting companies that do not provide internet services are required to connect to the internet 24/7 in order to send and receive files and emails. The web company can utilise a computer (PC) as a web host to offer information about their web solutions. Many complex websites need a comprehensive package that offers database support and applications such as PHP, Java EE, ColdFusion, Perl/Plack, Ruby on Rails or ASP.NET. These services enable web-owners to write and install scripts for apps.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress refers to a style of open-source blogs that have been ever more prevalent in the format of today’s websites. The variety of themes it offers gives its users an ease of transition, along with providing plug-ins and updates creating the most modern appearance. Not only that, most wordpress sites work exceedingly well with Google, making it easier to get a ranking for your website than other static sites.

Many of the WordPress hosts offered on our website are also competitively priced, and below $50 CAD per year. As a result of all of its advantages, WordPress sites now make up 8% of the internet.

Types of hosting options available are:

wordpress hosting canada

  • WordPress Hosting – Let’s first start by explaining WordPress. WordPress is Content Management System (CMS). CMS usually has themes and plugins. Themes provide the look and feel of the website. Plugins provide the website with functionality.

What makes WordPress the Best CMS in the World? WordPress is free and it always gives you updates to eliminate security issues. For you to host a CMS like WordPress in Canada, you will need an entry level server were you pay only $29 p/m.

  • Shared Hosting – for Shared hosting, get Linux Hosting & Windows hosting, easy to make different installs in your package. The Hosting package will include cPanel and a minimum of 10 GB of Space.
  • Dedicated Hosting – Get dedicated and virtualized servers to meet any performance, security or compliance needs. Dedicated hosting is dedicated for your website only and you don’t share with anyone else.
  • Private Cloud – You can get your business a private cloud in one or multiple data centres with Virtual Box virtualization. You also get optional Virtual SAN, VMware supported by the best Canadian Web Hosting provider.
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – Get your business power and flexibility of the cloud with low cost. This includes the most sophisticated fail-over system in case of disasters. All the hosting companies that we advertise for have that technology in place.
  • Colocation web hosting – this type of hosting is similar to dedicated hosting but the user manages the colo server. However, it doesn’t come cheap since the web hosting company provides you with physical space that the server takes up and manages the server.
  • Cloud hosting – cloud web host enables users with scalable, powerful and reliable hosting based on utility billing and clustered load balanced servers.
  • Reseller Plans – Cheap prices, self-managed DNS, no hardware cost. Give your clients the power to Manage their Web hosting packages and Domain Registration.
  • Email Hosting – With Email hosting, you can get your own domain for your email address, like [email protected] or [email protected]. All your devices, including computers, smart-phones will be synced via email. You also get secure email with over 2 GB of secure Canadian storage. The hosting service is also user friendly interface for your mail box.

What is Web Hosting to Web hosts Canada?

website web hosting

First of all, to all website owners in Canada feel to explore different packages that will suite your company. We have reviewed web hosting services from Hostpapa and Canadian web hosting giants. All these Canadian web hosting providers provide the best promotions and coupons. Furthermore, you will get well designed control panel equipped with cpanel.

Whether you’re looking for Joomla or Drupal hosting. Maybe you want to build your own web solution from scratch; we have a site builder for you. Hence our hosting partners offer all Canadians with unlimited bandwidth solutions, and free domains. Also some come with free encrypt SSL Certificates. For fast internet speed, we make sure that all our Canadian hosting providers’ servers are hosted locally. Additionally, if you’re a freelancer building web solutions for your client, you might be lucky. Gets unlimited domain hosting and you will also get yourself a reseller package. Your server’s security is also protected with sitelock.

Without Web Hosting service, your customers won’t be able to visit your website. To get your website online, you have to pick from our packages. If you’re lucky, you will receive discounts for most of packages. Get enough bandwidth and storage for your website. We have 24/7 security monitoring your websites.

Our Canadian web hosting providers offer cheap web hosting for WordPress for Canadians. Whether you’re in Toronto and Vancouver, they will provide you with their special offers. Simply check our banners for more offers and promotins. Get a simple WordPress Hosting. Get setup instantly and build your website with one-click installation with One Click Backup points.

Canadian Web Hosting and Domain Registrars

web hosting reviews canada

We have reviewed the best Canadian web hosting and Domain Registration companies. These hosts also offer coupons and discounts for Canadians. Many Canadians are looking for best web solutions from these hosting providers. To benefit from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we ensure that you are approved with all the Canadian Laws.

Choosing A Canadian Web Hosting Provider

Choosing the correct Canadian web hosting provider for your business could be a very stressful process. That’s why at Web hosting Canada, we provide you with companies that provide the best cutting edge services. We’ve realized that selecting the best hosting providers could be stressful. This company is here to make sure that you get the best services because you deserve it.

The Best Canadian Web-Hosting

While in the past, establishing a website with a decent website was possibly a harder task than today, now many companies have access to the best Canadian web-hosting using websites such as ours and other collections.

Choosing the Best Canadian Web-Hosting plans

business web hosting canada

With the variety of different web-hosting we offer, website owners are able to choose a package that fits their needs best. From focusing on artistic values, price of hosting, ease of access, to availability of live-support, a website owner needs to be able to determine what would effectively be the best for their site’s future. While we offer reviews, and other excellent service, to propel you on your journey, it’s important to take into consideration these few things.

Factors to Consider when determining the Best Canadian Website Hosting

Choosing a web-host often revolves around considering different contributing factors that would ultimately lead to the results that they seek. The best Canadian Web-Hosting often doesn’t come with a very cheap price tag, but website owners can expect at least a domain name, an email address, and a searchable site for as low as $2.95 per month. For sites with heavy traffic, it’s more necessary to obtain accessibility to live support, as well as the ability to have unlimited visitors every month.

Hosts such as Hostupon for instance, offer a plan of $3.95 per month, many options for unlimited data, and also give you a domain name for rest of your life. Others, such as Dynamic Hosting, give its customers a 90+ day back-up support, 24/7 talk support, as well as a free SSL certification.
One host, Blue Bird Hosting, even offers free hosting after a $9.99 CAD set up, as well as one domain for the website owner.

These low costs allow virtually anyone to now build a website, and with expanded analytics for more seasoned site owners, it has become easier than ever for many users to access the best Canadian web-hosting available on the internet.

Why we offer the best Canadian Web-Hosting

Best canadian Web Hosting

From our list of web-hosts, we give our customers an extensive list of different hosts they could look into to fit their current internet needs. With this, we offer virtually all modern web-hosting capabilities, and advice on how to adapt your site for mobile devices, as well as other browsers.  Our service puts the power and knowledge of a seasoned web-host into the hands of an individual or business, furthering their future on the web.

Canadian Web Hosting

With the growth of the internet, virtually all of Canada is now connected instantaneously through electronic means. Our website, starting from a smaller team of business experts who helped businesses and web-site owners successfully build a stronger web presence. Not only this, due to their background in struggling to find decent web-hosting, they ultimately created Canadian Web-Hosting. Canadian Web-Hosting works as an online service that stores your websites data online as well as maintains its functionality.

With our website, we hope to bring to you a collection of different websites that provide different varieties of word-press, and business hosts. Utilizing a team of reviewers, we’ve compiled the best collection of Canadian web hosting that we believe is available on the market today.

Our Team

Since our team has a background in web-design and hosting, we are trained to review each important aspect of what makes a great-web host just that. By going over band-with, reliability, price, customer support, disk space, and ultimately, other features that make a website great, we provide the information needed to grow your business.
Using our disaster data recovery systems, we are able to ensure the security of your data should the worst case happen.

Web-Hosting for Business

Currently, it’s possible to find cheap Canadian web hosting for business alongside the same price as Word-Press sites. As more and more business is conducted online, it is becoming an ever more pressing issue for businesses to establish a web presence.

From offering electronically green web-hosts, to plans as cheap as $2.85 CAD a month, we provide an extensive list of packages that would fit virtually any business owner seeking Canadian web hosting.

Web Hosting FAQs

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that stores website’s data and makes sure that the website is accessible. A web-hosting company hosts all the websites you see online.

How long does it take to set up web hosting?

It is easy to setup a web-hosting. It usually takes between 10 to 20 minutes and your web hosting package will be ready.

What is shared web hosting?

A shared web hosting service is a hosting service whereby you share the server with other website owners. One server hosts a number of websites. You can check this with your web-hosting company.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a website and each website has a domain name. In order to own a domain name, you need to buy and register it through a domain registrar. Domains could start from cheap amount to the expensive ones based on their popularity.
Each domain contains an IP (Internet Protocol) Address and that’s what Google sees.

What is a URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and is known as a website address. It allows web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome to locate your website. For example

What is bandwidth and how much do I need?

The amount of data that is used while you are busy opening a website is called bandwidth. Every time you access a website, data is transferred and it is measured in bandwidth. Hence, videos, images and audio files take a lot of bandwidth than text.

What is disk space and how much do I need?

This is the total space available for you to store your website files. The amount of disk space depends on the web-hosting company and the package you choose. Storage of emails, images, videos, text and anything that you might upload on your site count towards your disk space. Remember to always choose a bigger disk space so that when your company expands, you won’t have to switch hosting companies.

How will I know how many people visited my site?

You can use StatCounter or Google Analytics to check your website traffic. Also, it’s always important to familiarise yourself with tools that will help you track your website traffic. There are many third party resources that one can choose.

How do I obtain a dedicated email account? ([email protected])

When you buy an account with a Canadian hosting company, one of the features that you will receive is a number of dedicated email accounts. Your account will host all emails for your domain. However, some web hosts give up to 20 email accounts, also unlimited accounts for big companies. One control panel manages all these emails.

What is SSL security?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This ensures the safety of the website and protects your website from hackers. It also gives your website trustworthy. Besides providing a safe way that runs between internet-connected computers on the same internal network, it also helps you connect securely.

Is my website protected from hackers?

Your site can be hacked if you do not add in some level of protection. Some web-hosts give you an extra feature that helps protect your website. Some hosting services in Canada gives you SiteLock Security. This blocks spammers and potential hackers. If you are using WordPress, it is important to install plugins that boost your website security.

How do I back up my site?

You can back-up your site anytime.
When you go to control panel, you will see a backup function. You can save all your work if it is under 500 MB. If your files are more than 500MB, you will need to perform a backup through FTP. Drag your PUBLIC.html folder over to your machine.

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