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Cheap Web Hosting

Every business, whether an individual or a big company needs a website and web hosting company. Not everyone can afford an expensive web hosting in Canada. This is where Canadian Web Hosts come in. We help all Canadians by reviewing web hosting services as well as providing them with more information on cheap web hosts.

What is a cheap web host?

Cheap web hosting services depend on your needs. We defined cheap web hosts based on their regular monthly prices, with no discounts added for their starter plans. There are so many web hosting companies that specifically focus on small businesses and offer you cheap web hosting services without spending hundreds of dollars each year. There are plenty of websites that are being hosted for free and cheap. We consider web hosting plans that are below $100 CAD per year cheap because you can save a lot of money and some projects may not last for a year. If you choose to pay monthly, you will pay around $8 CAD. This is a reasonable amount.

Cheap Canadian  Web Hosts

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whc Canada
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hostpapa Canada
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5 host
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The Features You’ll Need

It is easy to setup a website with your own domain. Most importantly, this doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Ask yourself these questions, you need blogging software, email address, e-commerce, file sharing and email marketing?

After highlighting these questions. Choose a web hosting service that offers them for a cheaper price. Also bear in mind that very cheap web hosts don’t have 24/7 customer support. What will you do when your website is mysteriously down at 2am?

What Cheap Web Hosting Offers You

Cheap web hosts don’t include the powerful and fairly pricey dedicated and VPS hosting options. You will need to choose a Managed WordPress or Shared hosting plan.

  • Managed WordPress Hosing Plan – this lets you set up and operate a WordPress blog without any hassle. If your business mostly involves blogging, then it is advisable to choose this plan and don’t bother with others.
  • Shared Hosting Plan – in this web hosting service, the hosting company operates multiple sites on a server. This allows for privacy. No one will touch your files since you can’t touch others’. The benefit of this plan is cheap prices for everyone sharing a server. Disadvantage of this could be neighbouring sites that use too many resources might cause your website to run slowly, causing your site crash from time to time.

One advice that we always give Canadians is that reading the fine print is very important, especially if you are bit worried about cheap prices. Make sure that a particular start-up plan offers you what you need. Always check with your hosting company for more information.

Uptime Is Important

Site uptime is very important and the abovementioned features are helpful to the web hosting experience. For example, if your website is down, customers won’t be able to access your products or your site. Every time a customer doesn’t reach you, it will be your loss and traffic not monetized.

Good Cheap Web Hosting

Not all cheap Canadian web hosting services are created the same. Some have bigger storage and some have data transfer feature. Always read fine print for unlimited offerings but there are some catches that might affect you later. Other web packages come with limited applications and what you can use. Some features will require you to upgrade in order to perform a better work. But you need to have some coding skills in order to work with cheap web hosting companies. We also advise you to follow links from our homepage on How to Build a Website if you will be opting for a cheaper hosting.