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What is WordPress?


WordPress is a free content management system. Is most used content management system in the world because of its flexibility.WordPress Hosting.

Get best Managed WordPress hosting in Canada.

Start building your blog or business websites with managed WordPress Hosting from on industry leading Canadian servers in Canada get your performance ready with super easy, reliable and super-fast managed WordPress hosting service in Canada. Our web hosts teams are available for you 24/7 for support for to receive the following updates, backups and all the Apps are managed by them. WordPress was mainly for designers and developers. Get 100% Canadian servers for Hosting your WordPress Solution. Our Web Hosts WordPress installations are well optimized. Get your WordPress Hosting Without worries about any downtime.

Top Canadian WordPress Hosting


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Green Geeks
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Dynamic Web Hosting

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SK Gold Web Hosting

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Hostpapa Hosting

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Features to check for Canadian WordPress hosts.


Get Web hosting and domain are with the same company, makes support very easy for you to manage.


With our WordPress hosting the get the fastest page loads to convert users into consumers. Give your users the best experience possible online. No Worries about hardware, software and the networking infrastructure is optimized by their engineering team which is available 24/7.


Their plans should cater for malware scan injected on your website. Our should be able to remove malware before it tampers with your customers information.


Our FREE migration service will transfer your existing WordPress sites to Canadian Web Hosts on our list for free.


Get hosted email included with your plans so you don’t need to sign up for other services on different web hosts.


As Part of Canadian Web hosting WordPress support, we have experience with WordPress Web hosting and themes and plugins installation. Our clients offer a help desk, knowledge base and our WordPress support packs.


Our Web Hosts offer different IP Addresses in Canada! Our Web hosts offer WordPress servers in the following locations in Canada Montreal, Halifax, Toronto & Vancouver.


Our Web hosts offer WordPress staging website system allows you to easily create a test staging site. Once the solution is perfect that’s when you push staging changes to the live website. staging environment is very important to run test before you take your website to the live environment.


Get CDN to optimize your images for page loads for your images to render very fast. Without slowing down your website.

Canadian Web Hosting WordPress Review

WordPress Hosting is one of the most sophisticated solution that most business need for hosting their WordPress Blog or WordPress Magazine without getting any downtime issues in secure area. We have reviewed the best WordPress Hosts in the industry. When our engineers review WordPress Web Hosting solution they analyze the following features from the Host.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Daily Backups

Daily Backups are very important, when you’re working on websites anything can go wrong on the live website or the production website that will require you to rollback to which ever daily backup. It’s very important to have this tool with your WordPress Web Hosting. We made sure that all our WordPress Hosts have that tool in on their servers.

Server Security for WordPress Hosting

Getting a secure server is vital for your website, most WordPress Hosting Companies offer free SSL certificate, which is very good for your website and free CDN one of the Companies would be Wpengine.

WordPress Support System

Getting an account with WordPress Hosts that provides you with 24/7 support system is important in case the is down time or DNS Change somehow. You can give them a call at any time with any issues and most companies nowadays the have live chats in place which makes even easier. Get the cheapest WordPress web hosting in the Canadian region.

What you can create using WordPress:

  • Blog
  • Business Directory.
  • Online Store (Ecommerce).
  • Business Website.

So, we can see that you can use WordPress for all Most everything, remember its free powerful tool that you can learn web development with or just create your own website.

When we talk about WordPress Hosting is very Important to get a service provider that understands WordPress on How it works and what you can do with it.

Here is what you should Look for when you’re Looking to Host WordPress

  • Everyday Backups.
  • The Maximum number of visitors.
  • SSL Certificate
  • Server Speed
  • Easy to Use Control Panel

Hosting WordPress Backups.

Everyday Backups are very important in the world of development backups are very important in case something goes wrong with the website you can always restore to the backup that doesn’t have any issues.

Number of WordPress Visitors Monthly

Most Hosts the usually give you a limitation of how many visitors you can have on a Monthly Basis if you exceed the Limit your website will start coming up with a lot of 505 Errors. Because careful when you select the best Hosting Provider. But your vey Luck you have us we give the Most Affordable and the Best in the Market.

SSL Certificates

Some hosting providers if you buy an entry level package, the don’t provide you with SSL Certificate, some are very generous the give a free SSL Certificate it doesn’t matter which package you Buy. We will list the best in the industry.

Server Speed

That is very important having a slow website won’t help your business, choose a server or a hosting provider that will meet yours requires especially when you’re going for WordPress Find a descent server.

Good speed for a website is 3 Seconds for than that your visitors will exit your website.

Control Panel

Some hosts control panel are very easy to use, you will end doing mistakes because of their unfriendly user ability. Human Computer Interaction is Key to any System.

Canadians can host their WordPress website with take advantage of the following features:

  • WordPress Hosting plans starting from $3.95/mo
  • Free one-click WordPress installer
  • 24/7 WordPress Support
  • True scalability, upgrade to a bigger plan seamlessly
  • No contracts plus a 30-day refund policy

WordPress Hosting made simple on Canadian Web Hosting

We provide the best web hosting for WordPress in the Canadian Region whether you are in Nova Scotia, Alberta, Québec, British Columbia and other States in Canadian Region.

Where offer the following benefits for WordPress Hosting

  • Free daily backups.
  • Free 24/7 support.
  • Temporary domain name for your development environment.
  • Get Automatic updates for your WordPress.

Why people Prefer WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular website software or CMS (Content Management System). When using WordPress, you Get Thousands of themes and Plugins some of them are not free, but most of them are free, the make website design very easy and WordPress it’s very easy to maintain, you get very efficient features by just a click of button. Get Coupons and Promotions from Web Hosting Canada so your covered with WordPress Hosting.

WordPress and SEO

WordPress is very good, for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) use plugins like Yoast to place your keywords and get proper guide on how you should handle your Seo which keywords to use and more. The structure of the CMS was designed or developed to be Seo Friendly. Most offer usually use WordPress because you don’t really need any technical skills especially if Web Hosts managing all the technical operations for you.

WordPress Use cases

  • Social Networking
  • Commerce Sites
  • Help Portal
  • Blog
  • Business Website
  • Job Listings
  • Launch a Weekly Newsletter
  • Display Related / Interesting Articles
  • Show the Latest Instagram Photos
  • Multisite Network

What is WordPress Hosting?

Many internet users use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate with their friends and families on a daily basis. Although these social media platforms can benefit both parties, they also come with limitations. One of the limitations is the number of characters, but for those who blog, they have full control over their posts when using WordPress.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms among different blogging programs. There are two types of WordPress platforms and they are WordPress.org and WordPress.com. For example, if your site is hosted by WordPress, your subdomain will be (yoursite.wordpress.com). The benefit of hosting with WordPress is that you don’t pay anything, it’s free. However, this comes with limited features. WordPress.com does not support plugins. Additionally, WordPress.com is “ad-supported”. Do not be surprised when you see random advertisements appearing on your website.

With regards to WordPress.org, you need to choose your own web hosting company, register with them and install the program. One of the benefits of using WordPress.org is that it’s customizable. You can make changes and edit the themes, html codes and CSS. Basically, you have full access and control over changing your website to whatever you want it to be.

Both WordPress.org and WordPress.com have their pros and cons. However, since WordPress.com limits you, it is advisable to choose WordPress.org so that you will have full control over your blog. If you cannot afford to pay the hosting company, you can try placing adverts on your site or apply for Google AdWords to pay the hosting costs.

Requirements of WordPress

For you to use WordPress.org, you need to register a domain name with a web hosting company that is compatible with WordPress. You need to choose a hosting package that has PHP and MySQL support in order to use WordPress. As a result, when looking for a web hosting firm, ask them if their hosting plan meets the requirements of WordPress.

Free Web Hosting Features

If you do not have enough money to cover the costs, it will be better for you to look for a free web hosting company in Australia. Do research and find out who are the best free hosting firms in Australia. There are so many options available today.

Changing Web Hosting Companies

Individual website owners and business people change web hosting companies for different reasons. You can change a web host company anytime in Australia. Most common reason of changing hosts are lack of customer care, not enough bandwidth or storage space. Read on to find more information about changing webhosting firms.

Email hosting

This is your online brand. Free email addresses are often confusing and very long and they include popular domains such as @Gmail and @Hotmail. If you’re a business, it is important to create a personal domain which will make the right impression. You need to create a catchy email address which will be unique and easy to remember.

Getting Started – Free Web Hosting

You need three things to get started. You need a domain name, hosting company and content. Once you are done customizing your site and installing the right plugins. Now you will be ready to show the world out there what your website is all about.

Borders of Webhosting Support

Web design, web creation, database, keywords, search optimization, control panel, email clients, scripting, eCommerce, IP address, domain name, FTP, DNS, disk space, bandwidth et are phrases and terms related to the webhosting industry. You can also find these terms and phrases in the knowledgebase glossary of the website hosting company. However, not all website problems are within the borders of webhosting support. Some problems can escalate from nowhere.

WordPress Hosting in Canada

WordPress hosting is a content management system or CMS, free and free. Originally built to create blogs (logbook on the Internet where we put tickets / posts), the software allows today to manage websites. It is very easy to find a WordPress hosting since the CMS is currently one of the three “big” of the sector with Drupal and Joomla!

The minimum requirements for any WordPress hosting.

  • MySQL version 3.23 and more;
  • PHP version 4.2 and above;

Being a software distributed according to the terms of the GNU GPL, WordPress recommends, naturally, a Linux environment with an Apache or Litespeed server. However, the software can be used with all servers that read PHP and MySQL.

Many web hosts offer the installation of WordPress in 1 click, via Cpanel / Green geeks or their own control panel. See our tutorials to install WordPress via Green Geeks.

If you are looking for a host for your blog, the site t Canadian web hosts studies for you, the best offers on the market for your WordPress hosting and advises you:

Learn more about WordPress

WordPress appeared in 2003 as a simple evolution of the b2 software. But, faced with the dazzling success of this CMS, Matthew Mullenberg, the main developer, dissociated him from the previous project. The dynamism of its community will contribute to the development of many additional features and plugins.

The new solution has among its strong points, an easy organization of articles and links in category, a simple implementation of graphic interfaces, a complete and illustrated documentation, the possibility to create static pages, independently of the timeline imposed by the blog and a very ergonomic management interface.

True stories about WordPress

Versions of WordPress follow one another quickly, all named in reference to great jazz stars: thus, Mingus gave way to Strayhorn (version 1.5) and its 150,000 downloads.

Published on January 22, 2007, version 2.1 will refer to American singer Ella Fitzgerald and will be downloaded, in its English version, more than 1.5 million times. Five months later, Ella makes way for Getz (version 2.2) with its many bug fixes. Version 2.3 is released on September 25, 2007 under the name of Dexter (for Dexter Gordon).

Faced with the cancellation of the release of version 2.4, due to timing issues, version 2.5 or Brecker (Brecker Brothers) comes out on March 29, 2008, with changes in terms of templates and plugins. Four months later, the news is linked with Tyner (2.6) and its preview of themes, its revision of articles or its compatibility with Google Gears. The next version, Coltrane, brings new improvements, mostly at the administration level.

Chet Baker is in the limelight with version 2.8, released June 10, 2009, correcting more than 790 bugs and allowing the rewriting of URLs. Carmen arrives six months later, with an integrated image editor, an update of batch extensions, as well as video integration.

Version 3.0 pays homage to Thelonious Monk, an American jazz pianist and brings the fusion of WordPress and WordPress MU for multi-blog management. WordPress 3.1, known as Reinhardt (Django Reinhardt), is the latest

WordPress Hosting FAQs

What features come with WordPress Hosting?

Every WordPress is different. Make sure that you double check what features the WordPress Hosting plan come with before you purchase. All WordPress hosts come with back end that helps webmasters to login and mange their accounts.

What can I do when my website loads slowly? Can I blame my cheap WP Host?

There are three main things that can help you improve your website speed. Some prefer moving to better WP Hosts.

  • On-Site WP Speed Optimization Options – you can speed up your website by making sure that your theme and overall layout doesn’t contain lots of images. Images take up so much data and space your WP website and causes your site to slow down. Another way to speed up your WordPress site is by using plugins designed for that. Some of the plugins will compress your images so that the pages load faster.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) – CDNs and CloudFlare can help you improve your website speed regardless of what your Web Hosting Company is. These can work away from your server by copying database and website files and delivering it to your web visitors from your server nodes spread across the globe. It will then sort data and delivers quickly.
  • Moving to a Faster WP Host – another option is to move to a better WP Host. Check who are the better WordPress Hosts in Canada and sign up.

What is the difference between Regular and Managed WP Hosting?

Regular Web Hosting services differ from Managed WordPress Hosting in a number of ways. Each hosting has a different set of features, limits, pricing and functionality. One of the biggest differences between Regular and Managed WP Hosting companies is the price. Most Managed WP Hosting providers’ plans are expensive but they pack far fewer accounts on each server. With Regular WP Hosting plans, your website will be hosting together with other hundreds of accounts onto one server.

How do I setup my WordPress website after I paid for hosting?

Each WP hosting works differently. Some have set up their process to be easy to use and getting set up automatically with an installed WP site while on the regular cPanel hosts you will need to go through a few necessary steps. Once you have registered you domain name, you will need to go to your web host and edit the DNS. Canadian Web hosting companies usually have instructions in place to help you set up your website. Once you have pointed your domain to your web host server, you will need to install the WordPress framework and start building your site.

How to handle website traffic?

Most websites on the internet run on the WordPress CMS. Most of these sites start from small, to medium and some to billions of visitors every month. However, there are some WP websites that have lots of traffic that their sites can handle. To make sure that the site handles the traffic, you will need to upgrade or consider other WP hosting providers.

Why do I need Managed WordPress Hosting?

You need WP hosting because it lets you get sites up and running quickly. Our listed Canadian Web Hosting providers will handle all the System Administration hassles while you focus on other things such as designing your website and writing content.

How do I use Managed WP Hosting?

Many Canadian web hosting providers trained their staff to help you resolve your issue or help you install WP on your website. You can speak to consultants via emails, live chats and telephone. Some also provide customers with WP tutorial video clips to help you with all your needs.

What type of performance tuning do you use?

Many Managed WP Hosting companies in Canada rely on PHP APC, L2, Redis, Memcahed and Varnish caching to capitalise on performance by reducing calls to their high performance SSD-backed storage.

Can I use GIT to version manage my Managed WP websites?

Yes you can, you must enable SSH access on your Managed WP Account Center cPanel and begin using GIT for your WP website version control.

What security mechanisms are in place?

Security on WP is very important and Canadian Web Hosts offer 24/7 DDoS Security and Intrusion protection together with:

  1. Secured password and configuration methodology
  2. A web application firewall
  3. Malware scanning
  4. Multiple layers of DDoS mitigation
  5. Several layers of password brute force mitigation

Do WP Hosting providers update my plugins and themes?

At this time they don’t, as some theme updates might break our site.

Do WP Hosting providers provide backups?

Yes they do, most Managed WPs are automatically backed up daily and keeps data for 30 days allowing you to roll back quickly with just one-click.

WordPress is a very versatile, and free but finding the perfect host for WordPress is a mission that’s why you have us, we give you the best web hosting in Canada. We have the bestWebhosting companies in Canada for this year. WordPress will Continue to Grow and Get Modifications because is built in PHP and therefore the security will remain even for powerful than ever.

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress is Free.
  • Easy to learn.
  • You can use plugins to add Functionality to your website.
  • Choose your website Look and Feel by Selecting your Theme from Variety on the WordPress.org.
  • It is Content Management System, so it allows you to create different user accounts and different groups and give them different privileges according to their role on the website.
  • Easy to learn for copyrighters and anyone who doesn’t have any technical background.

Our Canadian Hosting Providers Advantages.

  • You have Backups of your Website.
  • Full Control over your files and Database.
  • Website Migration Tools.
  • You are files the and your whole website will be in a very secure server.
  • Get a free SSL Certificate for any package that you inquire for on our recommended Web Hosting.
  • Get full support for 24/7.
  • Our systems are very user-friendly and easy to use for anyone even if you don’t have any technical Background at all.

Why Host in Canada.

If you have a Business based in Canada, you need to host with a provide that provide you with Canadian IP Address. It’s always good to Host you with your local service provider it will be an advantage to website search engine ranking. The price is affordable especially if you are using the same Currency as your country.


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