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Top Canadian Domain in Canada

It is very important to have a domain for Canada for your business. If you will choose our Canadian hosting than you will get to know about our web hosts. And we will guide you with the best registrars in Canada. Even we have reviewed many other registrars that we will recommend for you and we will do our best for your websites with great build-up skills and development.

Top Domain Registrars in Canada

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Green Geeks Canada
Most Popular Web hosting Company in Canada
whc Canada
Top rated web hosting in Canada
hostpapa Canada
The best web hosting company in Canada
web hosting Canada
web hosting company in Canada
5 host
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Registrar Auto Renewal

There are so many domains which people are using for their websites. But they can get expire too if we have not renewed it again. So there is an option to renew your website every time.

DNS Management

This is the term which is very important for the hosts. If you want to change your DNS setting than it is used for your website. And even it is not complicated if you change your DNS settings because that will end with downtime for domain propagation. As it has taken hours or even days if the DNS management system is not user friendly. We will provide you pioneers with this industry.

Domain Transfer

This is a system which always creates a problem with a domain registrar that doesn’t give you any of the problems when you want to transfer your domain with the different registrar as it is as easy to see the registrar which we provide you.

Domain Registration FAQs

So, there are so many related questions which you want to know about domain registrations which will help you for making skills and development for your website. It is a process of registering your domain name with a web hosting provider. As an example, like is a domain name and every domain should be unique and attractive so that audience can catch your website easily. And even your domain name will be followed by many extensions such as .info, .com, .in, .org, .net, and many from our Canadian Web Hosting provider.

domain registration canada

Why do I need a unique domain name?

On the internet, your domain name is a unique identity. There are so many reasons to define your domain. They are as follows: 

  • Firstly, it should look like a professional website. So that people can review your work 
  • It should be short and simple so that you can remember it easily. 
  • It must be very easy to register a unique domain in your cPanel and even it does not take very long. 
  • And if suppose if you are buying a shared hosting plan through our listed Canadian Web Hosts, then you will also receive one free credit to use on specific domains ( And this thing applies to only first-time purchasers )
  • It will be a permanent address for your website and email as long you keep the domain or continue paying for hosting services. 

Is there is a need to register a domain name?

Yes, it is necessary to register your domain name if you want to own your TLD name and it means top-level domain.

Difference between Domain Registration and Web Hosting?

Here is the difference between domain registration and web hosting;

  • Domain Registration is the one that gives you the ownership and some rights to your domain name. Suppose if the same domain is taken by another person then you can’t take that domain name. You don’t have any rights to use your website. It is very important to own your domain name with all the formalities. So you will need to host your domain name with a web hosting for your email and website content. 
  • Web Hosting is a type of service provider. It provides web owners with network connections, servers, and configurations. So what else you have to do is you need to upload your website to the host server and configure everything via Cpanel.

If I have registered my domain name than it is possible for me to change it later?

In these circumstances No you can’t change your domain name as it is not possible at all. Registrars will not allow you to change your domain name after the purchase. Once you have registered any domain name then you own it until it expires. During the registration process make sure that you will correctly write your domain name. And if you register a domain name with typos than make sure that it would expire first and then you can register with the new one with the same domain registrar.

What kind of domain you can register? 

You can register any of the domain if you want. It hardly matters. There are so many extensions by which you can register your domain names such as .info, .org, .com, .in, and many others. Like, suppose example if you want to register and when you search for this domain as it has been taken then you can choose extension as and register your domain. 

It is necessary to register any domain with “www” in the beginning?

No, it is not compulsory to register with this. As it is not a part of your website name. You can register your domain with “www” also.

How many times I have to renew my domain?

You can renew your domain anytime or up to three years yearly. However, it is important to make payments for renewal. Even there is an automatic system by which you can opt for it and with an option. And your renewal fee will be deducted straight from your account.

Can domain registration will be refunded? 

Normally, registrations are non-refundable but some top-level domains can refund your domain registrations within 5 days after you registered your domain. You can also go and contact them by support ticket

When any payment is due, do I get any notification with it? 

Yes, of course, you will get a notification on your email or your phone. You will get to know every detail of your website easily.

Can I sell my domain name? 

Yes, you can sell your domain name but there are some steps to follow with it. You already know you have the rights and ownership of your domain. So you can sell it anytime to anyone who would be interested in buying it. If you find any buyer than you need to find ownership and you have to contact your web hosting company for this.